Welcome to our travel blog, we’re so glad you stopped by!
We’re Samir and Emelie, and here’s our story. We are an engaged couple from Sweden who escaped our 9-5 jobs back home, to follow our dreams instead. Right now we are full time travellers, exploring the world and seeking adventures. We run an international travel blog and a Swedish youtube channel. Our adventure started in December 2017, with a one way flight to Thailand. Our plan for 2018 is to spend most of it in Southeast Asia, or at least 7 months. After that we have no idea where we’re going, but it’s partly up to you!
On new years eve, we stood on a beach in Thailand and came up with our biggest most terrifying (but really exciting) goal yet. Our goal for this year is to start earning enough money from our social media plattforms, to be able to continue our full time travel lifestyle. And off course to ba able to keep posting amazing content for our amazing followers on all of our social media channels.
If you are wondering how you can help us reach our goal, you can help us with a simple “follow/subscribe” on our channels. By doing so, you will help our channel to grow, and also help us stay on the road. We love posting amazing content, and we love to interact with our family of followers so we hope you will enjoy our little community. We are so grateful for your support and love!
Let’s reach this goal together!