After spending about a month in Vietnam I feel like I’ve collected a lot of great tips and tricks for those of you thinking about visiting. Since Vietnam is a huge country with so many beautiful cities to explore, I’ve only had the chance to visit a few. But we will definitely be back for more exploring soon.

Phu Quốc

Phu Quốc is a big island off the southern coast of Vietnam. It’s a very popular destination so don’t expect to arrive on a castaway type of island with empty beaches and dirt roads. But is has its charm non the less, besides it being quite crowded at times.

The most popular area on the island is the area around Long Beach which stretches for almost 20 km along the southwest coast. Being the most popular beach on the island also makes it the most crowded, but you can find some empty stretches of sand depending on where you go.

The north part of Long Beach is the most developed area with dozens of bars, restaurants and luxury hotels along the water. The center of the beach is (at least when we were there) a big construction sight and will most likely be as developed and crowded as the northern part within months.

If you want a more quiet place to relax I suggest you try to find your way down to the southern part of the beach. It’s the least developed and less crowded area.

If you want to find a nice and chill place to have some drinks and watch the sunset later during the day, I suggest you check out the bar Rory’s. It’s our favorite place in the area. Awesome food, good music, nice and chill vibe, a huge seating area on the beach in the sand and the owners/workers speak amazing English since most of them are Australians.

When it comes to accommodation we found an awesome place called Hanh Ngoc Bungalow. It’s between 30-35 USD a night so it’s not exactly a budget/backpacker kind of place. But to be honest, we found it to be pretty expensive on the island which we expected considering it’s a popular tourist destination. It’s pretty hart to find budget rooms within walking distance to the beaches.

The island only has one airport and Long Beach was about 10-15 minutes by taxi from the airport. It’s easy to find a taxi once you get there but as always, be firm with the driver and demand that they turn on the meter in the car. You might also have to pay an extra tollgate fee when leaving the airport by car.

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